Friday, September 18, 2009

setting the frame

several of us gathered a week ago to brainstorm a bit about future directions for COMMUNITY BY DESIGN. since that time, suzanne + patrick have met several times to further polish + embellish the ideas that everyone had. the result : a bit of a we decided to move the "conversation" on line....thus this blog post.


...a CATALYST for change at multiple sclaes ADVOCATE for results-oriented, responsive design INCUBATOR for good ideas + thoughtful outcomes
...a community-centered NETWORK of people who overcome design challenges

we aim to...

...DREAM + DO in all we undertake relying on our individual + collective experience
...FACILITATE human + resource connections to bring about amazing projects
...FOSTER the value of thinking + making in populations young + old
...ENRICH + ENLIVEN the community in elevating the quality of design in the Triad

we value...

the POWER OF DESIGN to address issues of SOCIAL CONCERN
inclusive community DIALOGUE with many different types of people
UNEXPECTED projects in UNEXPECTED places
LOCAL + GLOBAL sharing
SUBSTANCE that lies beyond surface

OUR VISION : we see communities TRANSFORMED as places where people value good design and recognize the social responsibility inherent in the re-allocation of resources to meet human needs.

so, there we are....let us know what you think.