Tuesday, October 6, 2009

mission/vision statement : revised

we just finished a most exhilarating meeting and looked at the previous mission/vision statement...here's the final version. if you'd like to comment, please feel free to do so.


...a CATALYST for change at multiple scales
...an ADVOCATE for results-oriented, responsive design
...an INCUBATOR for good ideas + thoughtful outcomes
...a community-centered NETWORK of people who embrace design opportunities

we aim to...

...DREAM + DO in all we undertake relying on our individual + collective experience
...WELCOME conversations + REALIZE connections to bring about amazing projects
...FOSTER the value of thinking + making in populations young + old
...ENRICH + ENLIVEN the community in elevating quality design in the Triad + beyond

we value...

...the POWER OF DESIGN to address issues of SOCIAL CONCERN
...inclusive community DIALOGUE with many different types of people
...UNEXPECTED projects in UNEXPECTED places
...LOCAL + GLOBAL sharing
...SUBSTANCE that lies beyond surface

OUR VISION : we see communities TRANSFORMED as places where people value good design and recognize the social responsibility inherent in the re-allocation of resources to meet human needs.