Thursday, April 22, 2010

nccj design intervention

we have our first potential...and official....client. i talked with susan feit, executive director of nccj, at yoga saturday and our conversation meandered to the subject of their offices...and a need for a keen designer to look at the space and make some recommendations. i took the idea to the cxd meeting yesterday and we've agreed to meet susan and her assistant, alison, to look through the space.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

the book proposal takes shape

suzanne and i continue to polish the prose for the purpose section of our book proposal….and i think we’re getting close to a final version, well at least for this week. here it is…

THE COMMUNITY BY DESIGN HANDBOOK addresses multi-scaled design processes and outcomes for buildings, interiors, exhibits, and products, situated in the local community, and taking advantage of resources resulting from community-university collaborations.

THE COMMUNITY BY DESIGN HANDBOOK situates design at the nexus of practical strategies for identifying projects and community partners, putting together teams to undertake work, seeking financial support, managing human relations on campus and off, utilizing proven methods for achieving results, and communicating outwardly about the project to varying constituencies in the community.

THE COMMUNITY BY DESIGN HANDBOOK moves beyond existing books and handbooks by helping students, faculty, alumni, and community partners to see the good results of working together to make the world a better place. With concrete examples, demonstrable impacts, and meaningful reflections, the manuscript details successful approaches to design centered in the community with deep impact on the lives of others.