Tuesday, July 13, 2010

nccj process

edgar and matt toyed around with a new receptionist desk and display panel for the front lobby of nccj.

we're trying to wrap up our recommendations for nccj, including these great sketch drawings by edgar and matt. from our charrette, they further developed the notion of a spine down the central hallway of the space...a display system of sorts on which the organization could proudly display its important work. given that nccj is leasing their office space, we have been cautious about suggesting permanent changes that may not be acceptable to their landlord. as result, we like the notion of a hallway expression that sort of sews together the corridor space in the building, without a significant and lasting intervention on the building envelope.

Friday, July 2, 2010

it's finished, it's finished!! the prospectus, that is...

at long last, suzanne and i have rounded the bend and HAVE COMPLETED the prospectus for the COMMUNITY BY DESIGN HANDBOOK. we're going to let it "rest" a bit and come back to it with renewed eyes after july. but, we'd like to let you in on some of the contents...

... a manifesto (largely based on our iar201 manifesto where we took on the bus shelter project)

we value …

… healthy spaces, buildings, neighborhoods, and cities

… integrity, authenticity, innovation, fair exchange, and kindness

… simple responses, thoughtful actions, and grounded decisions

we believe …

… in the spirit of collaboration

… every design represents opportunities for connectivity

… that we embed stories as we do our work

we advocate …

… for good stewardship of earth’s precious resources

… celebration of deeds great and small

… that design can change the world

...the case for COMMUNITY BY DESIGN in a design program
...identifying projects + partners
...putting together the team
...seeking financial support
...managing university relations
...getting the work done


we'll be posting our process as we write on this blog...stay tuned....