Thursday, October 30, 2008

design spotlight: greensboro october exhibit

thanks to lily glover for the find - look whats happening in october in greensboro,nc:

"There is an exhibit at the Blue Diamond Gallery on Elm Street this month that would be worth seeing. I feel that art and design are very closely related. Art galleries, like the Blue Diamond Gallery, are full of inspiration for designers. This particular exhibit will be lasting until the 31st of October and will feature the art of five local artists, Sterling Edwards, Vicki Johnson, Scott Harris, Ken Hobbson and Windy Lampson as well as the international artist Michelle Courier. Designers can pull inspiration from color, texture, composition, subject, and meaning of the artwork. I especially enjoyed the work of Scott Harris through his use of unique compositions as well as geometric forms, like in the image shown above. Sterling Edwards was also noteworthy with her use of texture, creating blurred landscape paintings with her short brush strokes. The use of repetition in Windy Lampson’s Sugar Packets is a common theme in many furniture, graphic, product and architectural designs seen today. Both artists and designers alike take inspiration from the environment surrounding us, why not get inspiration from each other?"

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