Sunday, November 2, 2008

report: go design team go

CONCEPT:: statement

the awakening of a seed and the subsequent growth process

a seed alone is not self-sustaining: it requires a balance of elements to not only initiate growth, but succeed as a prosperous plant,

concept through form
-our bus shelter represents the germination process: the main vertical element representing the seed, accompanied by necessary supporting structures
-connections and joinery of the supporting structures are hidden, eluding to potential growth with a sturdy root
-the bus shelter would flourish, thriving off a communal effort and outreach
-the success of our bus shelter project relies on a holistic effort by all involved

we hope that by planting the seed, as well as the means for growth, our efforts will flourish, spreading not only to the local objective, but will spark consideration in the unanticipated

sketch model 1
sketch model 2
sketch model 3

it was decided as a class that the best designs to move forward with are sketch models 2+3-- both expressing qualities of germination. until next update....

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