Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Going On??

Are you wondering what is happening within each busshelter group?? Here's a quick update:

design group:: the final design of bus shelter...good job design team!!

presentation group:: will be conducting a seminar for the class on Friday November 14 on speaking skills

moments group:: finalizing a design to advertise our bus shelter. Thinking of placing the design piece at the Depot, Clock Tower, and library [near rotunda]

events group:: got in touch with The Green Bean coffee shop downtown and The Green Bean said they would be happy to sponsor us. They also thought it would be nice if the moments design could be placed within the shop. Also, still trying to get things moving with EUC so that we can set up a table.

progess group:: as of now, we do not have a set budget

donations group:: hoping to send out letters to the following businesses by Friday or Monday once proposal letter is finalized by Patrick and Suzanne-

Guilford Builders Supply Co
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
Brooks Lumber
AP Hubbard Wholesale Lumber
Home Depot
Lumber Liquidators
Stock Building Supply
Allied Building Products Co.
Tate St. Coffee
Jimmy Johns
Teresa Bodford
Piedmont Plastics
Association of Interior Designers- Cathy Rothey
Diane Picciuto- UNCG Development Office

postcard group:: postcard design is still being finalized

graphics group:: the following font and colors will be used-
font- to be determined
colors- burnt orange and brown- waiting on RGB...will post asap

communication group:: contacting local news to get coverage by sending out a press release on our busshelter. thinking about Guerilla Marketing ideas..possible ideas include rubber wristbands, seed packets, bumper stickers, toilet talk, seed paper, and t-shirts

master plan group:: writing a paper about the necessities that are involved in having a bus shelter

documentation group:: documenting progress of each group's work

photos taken by:: leah petriccione

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