Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the nccj charrette

ok, so hundreds of times as a teacher, i have assigned an impossible series of tasks en charrette. (if you've not heard of that term, read all about this timed design exercise in a paper i wrote with my colleague, robert charest, for the 24th national council on the beginning design student conference in georgia).

just like in school, the community by design team tackled the nccj project (after dinner, of course) in the casa cabrera "studio." after discussing the project for a while, we divided into three teams to address different aspects of the project. from the results of our efforts last evening, i'll draft a memo to nccj, reporting on our recommendations.

i'm excited about the ideas we generated because they all, if implemented, help give life and energy to the nccj offices....the goal of the organization in getting us to help them.

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