Wednesday, February 10, 2010

communities within communities

our studio 'synchronized swimming' outside Gateway Plaza on a cold, cold day

So excited by the great work being generated by my studio class this semester. Right now we are exploring multiple-family housing, looking at what works and what doesn't. Here are some of the students' thoughts:

“This chapter has taught me to consider the residence, work with the governing body throughout my process, and pray to God for a good design.” – Clairissa Anderson

“If these cookie cutter homes with community pools are suppose to be a way to bring people together, why is that, that's not always the situation?” – Tracey Wright

“We need to research why certain communities work, so that we can better design for the future. Let’s bring everyone together as one big positive community.” – Hope Talley

“It is necessary to cooperate with a design itself and its given surroundings to fulfill the designer's duties.” – Young Moon

“Altogether, I want to learn how to be more thoughtful in my design so that I don’t create places that ignore the people, but rather embrace them.”- Kelsey Rhodes

“If structures are built solely for the purpose of sheltering humans or building eye-catching homes, they are not answering all the needs of a neighborhood’s community.” – Felicia Dean

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