Tuesday, September 14, 2010

streamlining + storyboarding

suzanne and i continued to work on the profiles of the projects on which we've worked....and, golly, there sure are some great successes in those projects. when i reflect over my time thus far at uncg, some of the greatest memories happened in studios and classes where community-based work took place. and when i think of all the people who have been involved or touched by these projects, i realize the true value in building human relationships that stand the test of time...and sometimes the challenges and circumstances of a particular studio or design opportunity.

i've also learned that it takes much sustenance to sort through and write stories. today's site for our work: DELICIOUS bakery...and, yes, one cupcake is plenty of sugar intake for the day (but are they ever tasty!). the yellow cake with buttercream frosting = highly recommended.

watching suzanne storyboard our ideas is like observing a master baker at work! her drawings, filled with humor and articulate graphics, will bring a whole additional layer to the COMMUNITY BY DESIGN handbook. TOTAL fun! check out her blog... anopensketchbook.com for all kinds of drawing inspiration, techniques, and generally good design thinking!

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